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The free "Museo della Zampogna" APP, for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, was developed to provide visitors with a modern and innovative tool that allows them to make the visit multimedia and interactive in order to fully experience and appreciate the unique collections of Zampogne Scapolesi and valuable national and international instruments preserved in the Museum.
The APP can be used inside the Museum (on your own device or on a device provided by the Museum) with all the active functions that allow you to listen to the sound of all the instruments on display and access the descriptions and particularities of each instrument.
It can also be used outside the Museum, however with limited functions, which still allow you to listen to the sound of a selection of instruments and access general information.
The Application, used in "tour mode" within the Museum, thanks to beacon technology, independently displays the information and sounds of the various instruments depending on the location of visitors.
Alternatively, using the specific function present in the App, the visitor can scan the QR Codes present on each showcase to access the sounds and information of the instrument on display.
The APP is available in Italian and English.

Download the APP:

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