Artisan workshops

The "Fontecostanza" village is the true soul of a unique musical culture that ensures continuity to our language.
Here the last historic workshops survive in which highly skilled Master Craftsmen, now the last in Italy, with a particular technique made of skill, inventiveness and tradition, which has remained secret and unchanged over the centuries, create Zampogne and Ciaramelle ("Pifferi"), highly sought after and appreciated both in Italy and abroad for their uniqueness and typicality, thus contributing significantly to the recovery of one of the most compelling cultural heritages of our country.
Scapoli's Bagpipes are of various models which are identified according to their size with numbers: 20, 23, 25, 28, 30, 32; the most used model is the Zampogna “25 with key”.
A long and tiring job guided by special tools that are now unobtainable, all built by hand by the Craftsman and specifically created to carve the precious and seasoned olive, cherry and plum woods, in a particular way.
It was Benedetto Di Fiore, in the early nineteenth century, who stood out for his exceptional artistic talent and it was he who created the "Artisan Workshop", a hotbed of Masters of today and tomorrow.
The Master Craftsmen in history:
    • Benedetto Di Fiore
    • Ettore Di Fiore
    • Gerardo Guatieri
    • Luciano Di Fiore
    • Palmerino Caccia
    • Angelo Guatieri
Today's Master Craftsmen:
    • Fabio Ricci
    • Luigi Ricci
    • Paolo Di Fiore
    • Franco Izzi
    • Umberto Di Fiore
    • Romeo Ricci

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