Bagpipe of Scapoli "25" with closed bell

Master craftsman: Fabio Ricci

In Scapoli two types of bagpipes are built: the one with a key and the "zoppa" one.
The characteristics of the instrument are: two chanters of different lengths. The shortest is equipped with 5 keyholes (4 front, 1 rear), while the longest has 3 plus the key hole; two drones, only one of which produces sound, while the other is silent.
The woods most used for their construction are olive and cherry.
For the wineskin an inner tube covered with fake fleece is now used. Upon request, goat or sheep skins are also used.
Bagpipes are built in multiple models characterized by conventional numbers (25, 28, 30) with different intonations.
The bagpipe without a key is called "zoppa" (cioppa in dialect).


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